Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rain rain go away

It rained again last night. We had thunderstorms rolling around from 5pm until at least 1am when I went to bed. At this rate my house is going to float away. So far basement has remained free of water. Which is surprising since usually too much rain means a wet basement.

Well I thought all was safe to sit with my coffee, blog, read emails. Boy was I wrong. Catherine came to tell me Alexa was painting on her knee. Painting? How in the world is she painting? The paints are in the top of the hallway closet. There's no way she could have reached them. Into the living room I went to see what was going on. Awww geesh it stinks. She's painting herself with poop from her diaper. I just changed her before I sat down with my coffee. She was clean, playing with her dolls & teddybears. Even after three children it still amazes me the ways they can find to make a mess.

So this post started over an hour ago as a blog about the weather. Ended up about poop. If this is a sign of how my day will progress I vote myself back to bed.

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