Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where to begin...

I'm never good at the first post when starting a new blog. I feel like it should be something wonderful with profound meaning behind it. Hmm today that just is not happening. Presently my house is quiet. The oldest has gone to Walmart with Daddy to see MeMe (grandma) at work. The middle one is upstairs painting while the youngest is at my feet playing. So mommy is enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

Hot coffee, now there's a rare occurrence. Nine times out of ten I get lukewarm coffee I've come back to after helping someone with something. It's gloomy outside again today. Supposed to rain yet again. That means the down time for mommy will be short lived.

When Daddy is back it will be my time to get in the shower. A new box of sample soaps arrived yesterday from Chagrin Valley Soaps. The chocolate almond smells good enough to eat. Can't wait to use all of them. I'll let everyone know how those turn out.

My appt for female exam is July 9th. Looking forward to that about as much as I would look forward to getting the plague. But it is a necessary evil when you're a woman. And people wonder why women can be so moody sometimes. Try sticking cold metal into the most private parts of your body, tell me if it makes you good natured. I bet it doesn't. Well ok it might. But if it does then you've done it wrong somehow because you are not supposed to like it.

Coffee cup is empty. Time to return to mommy duty.

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