Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My girls are growing up

Yesterday Victoria got her ears pierced. She did so well. I was really proud of her. Also lost another tooth. So she had a visit from the tooth fairy last night. Seems in the blink of an eye they go from little baby you're snuggling to big kid.

My mom has been in the hospital with a broken hip. She was thrown from a horse. She's doing well. They are working on finding a pain med that doesn't make her too drowsy but still takes enough of the pain away. Then she'll be going to a rehab place before coming home. I offered to come stay with her at home for a while, help her but she declined my offer. She doesn't want to feel like a burden to her kids. Stubborn woman stubborn stubborn stubborn!!! She promised she would keep it in mind and let me know if she changes her decision. My Dad seems lost at home without her there. After 31 years being married you get used to the other person being around.

On Sunday Catherine, Victoria and I had ice cream with my IFs. It was cute. They set up a rock selling game then it seemed to move to a contest looking for the biggest white rock. Chuck won. Travis told them there were rocks in their head and a rock fairy. (Thanks Travis LOL) Catherine came home asking Daddy if it was true about rocks in her head. Poor Daddy was lost until I explained it to him.

Today we are heading off to play in the brook after lunch. Girls are excited about it. Sun is out. Hopefully weather continues to cooperate.

Attaching a pic from earlier this summer of Victoria.

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