Monday, July 20, 2009

So tired of the way adoption is portrayed as a marvelous wonder

Normally I would have kept this to myself but today I'm just in a pissy mood so here it goes...

I am so sick & tired of how adoption is portrayed as a marvelous solution for an unplanned pregnancy. Even worse is that d@mn term open adoption. Sorry folks but open adoption is a big game of russian roulette with your's and your child's emotions. There is not one single state in the good ole USA that will actually enforce an open adoption agreement. Know what that means? It means if you place your child, the adoptive parents promise to keep in touch, then decide not to, you are out of luck. Adoptions can be reversed on the basis of fraud if you can prove it. But here's the kicker...lieing to the expectant mom about contact isn't considered fraud. It's considered the adoptive parents' right because once the bio mom signs she has no more connection to her own baby than a stranger walking down the street.

Having lived just that scenario there is no way my daughters will ever be allowed to place a child for adoption while there is still an ounce of life in my body. I love them way too much to sit back and allow them to walk into the hell which comes with living as a birthmom. When are people going to wake up to the reality adoption is not the sunshine & roses choice they think it is. It makes me soooo mad.

I speak out nicely and people brush it aside. Whatever!!! Go on living under your rock. I hope one of your daughters never ever has to walk in the place I'm in now. I certainly hope your daughter doesn't end up the way Cindy or Kate did either. Read about them here: I was in a private group with Cindy and still to this day think of her, miss her and wish her life could have been different. Think those are out of the ordinary stories? Think again. Things like that are more common among birthmothers than adoption promoters would ever want the public to know.

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