Friday, July 3, 2009

Mommy withdrawls

Here it is almost 10pm on a Friday night. My older 2 have gone to stay the night with my sister. Mommy withdrawls started less than five minutes after they left. One child for the entire night. What in the world do I do with myself when there is only 1 child? Alexa (pictured) and I played outside, read some books, we put every bear she owns down to least 4 times LOL. Those bears kept having poop. So we had to change them. You can't let a teddy bear nap with a stinky diapy. Then off to the tubby to play with her new rubber ducky.

With a push from hubby I'm attempting to come out of the dark ages of technology. Got myself a new cellphone today with Verizon. Hubby wanted me to get a Blackberry. Took one look at them, ummm NO thanks. I swear people invent these things just to confuse those of us who are technology challenged. So anyhow, I was fooling around with my new phone while chatting with one of my IFs. Somehow it popped up on the phone's screen that sound was now off. You think I could figure out how to turn it back on??? Yeah right!!! Had to call tech support to walk me through it. I did calculus & trigonometry as independent study courses my senior year of high school yet I can't figure out a dang cellphone without calling tech support. Where is the logic in that?

Tomorrow will be a trip to my sister's house. We're planning a BBQ, fun with water toys then off to see fireworks. Can't wait to see my girls. It's going to be pure torture having to wait until late morning to leave. Hubby is working tonight. He'll have to sleep a few hours in the morning before we go. Over tired, crabby husbands are not a pleasant thing. Especially during a nearly 2 hour car ride. Anyhow the dishwasher is done. Off to put dishes in the cupboard, take a shower and head into dreamland.

Happy 4th of July!!!! Stay safe. Have fun. Catch up with you sometime Sunday.

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