Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a whirlwind!

Ok where to start??? First my middle one had strep throat. Then the oldest got scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is from strep but the body reacts differently to it and you end up with a rash. She's now itchy from head to toe with the rash healing. Then the baby had fever, complained of sore throat day before yesterday. Off to the dr's office again. Sure enough she has strep too. It's her 3rd time having it. The first times were while she was less than 2 yrs old. Dr says there may possibly be a referral out to an ear, nose, throat doc because A)strep that often, that young isn't normal B)her tonsils have stayed big and red for a long time. Yesterday hubby went on antibiotics for strep. During this whole thing I've been coughing, sneezing, stuffed up and cannot hear in my left ear because something is blocking it. I'm off to the docs tomorrow to get poked with needles. For my nursing program, the college needs proof of immunizations. Ummm I'm 33 yrs old. My pediatrician is dead. His old office building is now a music store. So I get special treatment....titers to see if I'm immune to everything I should be. If I'm not I get to have immunizations. Woo Hoo doesn't that sound like fun! Hopefully it doesn't take long to come back. The college put all my financial aid on hold until they have proof of immunizations or immunity. Do dr's offices have frequent flyer miles for so many visits in 1 month?

Today was the day from H E double hockey sticks! If it could go wrong, it DID! And it wasn't even major things. Stupid stuff like fax machine wouldn't work. Printer kept eating the paper. I lost my watch. I shut my finger in the car door. Darling hubby was laughing his butt off at me as I'm saying bad words to the printer. See if he ever gets nookie again!

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