Sunday, January 31, 2010

Round 6

Round 6 began a couple days ago. It seemed to have taken a long time to get the positive opk's this time. It definately wasn't the same predictable schedule as previous months. Have to talk to the Dr. about it on the 17th when I go. Travis will be going to this appt with me. Yeahhhhhh I get to see him for more than dropoff late at night. Chuck thinks the neighbors are convinced I'm a drug addict with all these night time dropoffs. I can't bring myself to tell them not to worry, it's just my monthly sperm delivery. But the looks on their faces...Oh it would be priceless! Last night the temptation to shout across the parking lot "Thank you for my fix" was too great and I had to give in. Tonight I'll behave. I promise.

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