Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update again

As most of my followers know this last month was also a negative cycle. The previous ones bothered me but this one was by far the hardest. I cried through my whole period. It was a week long reminder that my body had yet again failed. I know, I know it isn't my fault. But how can you not feel that way when so many times you've gotten pregnant so easily. It was all planned to have this wonderful delivery for the guys for Christmas, and for Chuck's bday. To have it not happen hurts. Now that it's almost time to start insems again I've become more determined than ever to MAKE this happen. Travis and I talked about more aggressive things we can try if this cycle fails. Whatever it takes I'll do it. Life has thrown me curve balls before that I've dealt with. This too I shall deal with and come out the other side screaming victory.

Aside from surrogacy life in general is about to get very busy. I have two online and one on campus courses this semester. Please send lots of math be gentle vibes to me. I'm going to need all you can give. This upcoming math class has the potential to seriously kick my butt. Haven't done calculus or trig since high school. Seeing how I was a senior at age 16, am 33 now...yeah it's been a while. Attempting to keep myself from being in debt up to my eyeballs with loans. Took out just enough to pay for tuition, books plus daycare for the youngest one day a week while I'm in class. I am curious about one thing though. How in the world do the feds figure out that darn EFC? Seriously, if I had that amount to just toss out I wouldn't be applying for financial aid.

Kids began winter activities. Victoria loves ice skating. She lost count of how many times she fell on her butt. Asked if she could have butt pads. Catherine wants to take guitar lessons. Found those for a very reasonable price here in town. They're both still taking ballet lessons. Somewhere in all this craziness hopefully there is time for mommy to sleep. LOL

Hubby started a new job. He's enjoying it. Not sure I am. One of his ex gfs comes in where he works. He told me he talked to her the other night. Gee that's great hunny. Yeah she's a lovely girl. Glad she's still around. *note the sarcasm* Thinking I might send Travis & Chuck in to keep him in line. Boy wouldn't I be in trouble for that one. lol

Anywho it's nearly 10pm on a Sunday night. I should get off my lazy duff, finish washing diapers, pick up toys. Housework elves seem to be on strike lately.

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