Thursday, January 21, 2010

Change is hard

So I went to the last All School Sing that I'll be able to attend for a while with Victoria & Catherine this morning. I'm either more of a creature of habit than I thought or way over emotional. On the way home from it I cried thinking it was the last one. See my 1 on campus class will be Thurs mornings from 9-11:45. All School Sing is 8:50-9:20. I loved going. It's fun to see the entire school together laughing, singing, having fun. The girls come sit on my lap or by my feet. I know getting this nursing degree will benefit the family in the long run. Don't get me wrong I'm excited to get it done, love being in school. But knowing I'll be missing out on little things like this makes it bittersweet.

I'm off to pee on an OPK stick, see what it's telling us this morning. Then get Alexa headed out to go grocery shopping, be done by 3 to pick up the girls. Victoria has ballet class this afternoon at 4:45. Then it's home for a quick dinner of some sort. Maybe pizza night???

Speaking of ballet class I forgot to wash her leotards & tights. Bad mommy!!!!! Guess I need to do that before I go grocery shopping. Someone please make a day longer, 24 hours just isn't enough.

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