Monday, June 6, 2011

Time goes too fast

My last post was about our newest addition to the family. Can you believe enough time has already gone by for him to be rolling over, eating solids, babbling, giggling and playing? At this rate I'm going to be old by next week!

Hubby still works for Cumby's as asst manager. They're going to be getting some new things in the store later this year. That means he will have to travel to MA for training. He thinks it will be sometime in September.

School is almost out for the summer. The girls have their last day June 17th. Victoria's class trip is this week. Please let me remember to pack everything she needs! My memory has left much to be desired lately. I forgot to give Catherine money for milk this morning. She had to send Victoria back to get it before they left for school.

Hmmm let's see, what else is going on in life??? My classes have started for the summer. Seem to be going well so far. The new Moodle (for online classes) takes some getting used to. I think for now I've found everything I need to on it. Need to do my first A&P quiz tonight while the house is quiet and I'm able to sit without interruptions.

Little Dude is waking from his nap. So much for my half hour of mommy time. It was 5 minutes of mommy time. Before I go here is a pic of all the kiddos. Those who know me on Facebook will have already seen it. Those who follow here...enjoy!

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